This is an excellent example of a children’s workshop that is just as perfectly suited for adults, schools, retirement communities and even SEN (Special Education Needs) participants.
Workshop participants start by producing drawings and paintings around a theme, then work together to design the mural using their pictures. I aim to re-create these pictures as exactly as possible on the wall as I feel that keeping the integrity of their images is very important to the success of the project. All the participants then get an opportunity to paint a section of the mural (this can include a number of year groups on a large project), after which I complete the more detailed work and tidy up as needed. The end result is a piece of art that is created and owned by the participants, whilst also looking very professional.
For SEN work I have simplified projects including mask making with toys, cars, trucks, rollers and stamps etc.


Mosaic and Stained-glass mosaic workshops can be created to fit around most themes or project ideas. This is one of our most popular adults’ workshops, but it is also suitable for older or more advanced children. It is an excellent opportunity to explore the planning, design and execution of an intricate project.
We will use a variety of new and recycled materials including ceramics, glass, tiles, mirror and many other items. The artwork created in these workshops can vary from small coaster mosaics, school mosaics to large public art installations, which can be placed indoors or outdoors. Stained-glass mosaics in particular are beautiful to display in a window where they capture the light.  These are made from cut glass pieces arranged onto reclaimed vintage window panels to give a beautiful stained-glass effects.
Projects can vary in timescale, from hourly sessions to Art Weeks to Artist-In-Residency programmes.

Special commissions & installations

If you want something truly unique to round out a special day, ceremony or event we can arrange an appropriately themed artistic installation that your visitors will love. Not only can this be an interactive, truly participatory installation, it can result in a permanent artwork that will foster community involvement over the long term.
•    Outdoor and indoor art installations
•    Interactive and participatory installations
•    School and class projects
•    Commemorative installations and events


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