This children’s and adults’ textile workshop focuses on batik specifically. It introduces textiles, as well as the use of colour and texture more generally. The imagery used can be chosen by the participants, or arranged beforehand. Individual batik work can be sewn together to form a patchwork for hanging, or the artworks can be kept by the school, organisation or participants who created them.

My workshops use traditional batik techniques and tools called Canting (tjanting) tools and/or other methods, such as applying wax by brushwork.

Flags, Banners & Bunting

Everyone in the group can be involved in the making of large banners or working individually to make small flags or bunting. These can be batiked using traditional hot wax method or for younger children cold wax (a safe alternative). or they can be screen printed using dyes or natural dyes from plants.


Children and adults are encouraged to develop their ideas through investigating the work of different textile methods in my textile workshops. Processes commonly used include collaging or combining fabrics to create interesting surfaces, fabric painting, block printing, screen printing, batik, felting, using bondaweb, sewing and applique, weaving, doll making, banners, bunting or flags.


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